An In-depth Review of Nest Thermostat E – The Ultimate Home Comfort:

Thermostats are the epitome of comfort, convenience, energy savings, and smart home technology. They take it upon themselves to regulate temperature almost as if you’re a genius to ensure that you’re not making an unnecessary dent in your wallet while still putting you in a cozy home.

A good control system tracks your habits, uses artificial intelligence to adjust according to them, and tricks you into believing it’s all-natural when it isn’t. Bringing you the ultimate home comfort at your fingertips is Nest Thermostat E.

Nest Thermostat E Review

This smart thermostat with great attention to detail and incredible energy-saving abilities perfectly rounds up your smart home system. Besides saving money on your utility bills, this wall-mounted device brings a whole new world of possibilities and smart home applications.

Boasting an adjustable temperature sensor and an adaptive algorithm that learns your living patterns and automatically adjust to your preferences, it learns how to behave with you without causing any discomfort. It can talk to you, feature a powerful mobile application, and a few more killer features that would leave you spell-bound.

Nest Thermostat E can reduce the energy bills by almost 20% and still maintain a consistent ambient temperature, keeping you comfortable and saving you a bundle. It features a sleek design with a sturdy touchscreen and a stunning body that goes with any decor.

Nest makes it a point to give an incredibly simple and intuitive design with an easy installation process. Nest thermostat E comes with secure web-based access, an energy history dial, as well as a full-color display panel that gives you real-time temperature prediction and other valuable information that will be helpful in managing your energy usage like no other.

All in all, Nest Thermostat E is highly functional and offers all the necessary features for you to get the ultimate home comfort with just the right touch of convenience and touch of home automation. But the awesomeness of this device doesn’t start and stop with all of these. Let’s dig deeper and see what makes it so great.

1. Design

Bringing you a sense of minimalism with its slim and seamless design, Nest Thermostat E is thin, ensuring that you have your entire wall to utilize. Boasting a design that is sure to blend in with any decor and fit in with the ambiance of your home, it eliminates the hassles of using a bulky gadget on the wall and instead offers a sleek and elegant look. And though the whole design looks clean, it has just the right amount of modern features to make it a sophisticated and tech-savvy device.

Nest Thermostat E is made of a stainless steel body with a matte finish on a slightly rounded rectangle of an exterior. The glossy and transparent band on top of the thermostat is most likely a touchscreen. Nest also has a color-changing LED ring that lights up when the device is in use – blue during the planning mode, cool and white when the regulating mode is in, green when you get a notification, and red when the device is in danger mode or better to say

Nest Thermostat E comes with all the basic functionality and a touch of luxury. With a small, sleek design and a sleek finish, Nest Thermostat E goes well with any decor and, after installation, remains hidden from sight.

Nest boasts a design that incorporates high-tech with minimalism. It’s the best of both worlds that give you the ultimate home comfort. Nest has previously released its thermostats that were larger in size and appearance. While the E nest thermostat is a lot smaller and sleeker than its predecessors, while still offering you the same level of comfort and convenience.

2. Display

Being the face of the device, the display is the first thing that will attract your attention. Nest Thermostat E has a wide touchscreen display with a glossy finish that glows for easy visibility and illumination. All in all, the 320 x 320 pixels display is vibrant and features an easy-to-use interface. With the display, you can control every aspect of the device. Beneath the display, the section is the operational touch controls.

You can also tap the buttons, press them and swipe the touchscreen to interact virtually with the device and make all necessary adjustments.

However, be informed that Nest E doesn’t come equipped with Farsight technology, which basically empowers your smart thermostat to turn on the display as soon as it detects anyone approaching towards it. Furthermore, the size of the display is almost 25% smaller than what you get with the standard Nest, which is 480 x 480.

But despite these negative – really small – drawbacks, the display is both interactive and communicable and can boast a comprehensive touchscreen interface with a variety of touch-sensitive features. And it gets even better. The display screen can be set to Auto detect the amount of sunlight entering the room and adjust its brightness accordingly. But do note that the display may look out of proportion with the bezels available on bigger models.

So, if you have a large wall to mount the thermostat and few details on the wall to compliment it, then this ‘minimalistic’ look of the display screen may not have the appeal you may wish to have.

3. Sensors

There’s an obvious reason why Nest is considered to be so efficient in regulating temperature because of the built-in sensors and the adaptive algorithm that’s already built-in. Nest Thermostat E is a very sensitive device that can detect minute changes in temperature, humidity level, and the surrounding environment.

All these sensor technologies are designed to operate at maximum capacity and ensure that your home is kept at a comfortable temperature at all times. Plus, all the sensor modules have their own unique tricks up their sleeves that would definitely make you go wow!

Nest Thermostat E has a thermal sensor that uses adaptive algorithms to track all the readings. This sensor can track the humidity and the light. It then uses all the data to calculate the temperature that would keep you comfortable. And what’s even more impressive is that it can learn your living pattern and calculates the temperature accordingly.

This is one of the most intelligent features available for a thermostat, making the device more like a live breathing organism than just a level of convenience.

Nest Thermostat E is so efficient and smart that it can recognize the changes you make and can adjust accordingly. It will learn and adjust based on your behavior, making it a friend that will keep you comfortable at all times.

4. Compatibility

A smart thermostat doesn’t do any good if it’s not compatible with other smart devices, and Nest Thermostat E has it covered. This device is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest Aware, Nest Cam, Nest Protect, and other Nest devices.

It may be compatible with other home automation systems as well, but it’s best to check with Nest support. Nest Thermostat E is also compatible with other WiFi-based systems and mobile devices, making it effortless to use.

To offer all it’s valued customers enhanced usability, Nest E allows remote control via smart devices like Android smartphone or iOS powered devices. All you must do is install the Nest app and get the device connected to the Wi-Fi.

The Nest app can be found on the Play Store or App Store and is compatible with all smartphone and tablet devices. Once you install the app and connect your Nest Thermostat E to the app, it will install itself on the mobile device, and you’re good to go.

With the app, you can monitor and control your Nest Thermostat E directly from your smartphone or tablet. You can check your thermostat’s energy history, scheduled programming, and other related details, all without having to leave the comfort of your couch.

5. Customization

Even with all the intelligent sensors and adaptive learning factors, you can still manually make adjustments to the device to get your desired temperatures.

Nest Thermostat E offers three customizable settings – cooling, heating, and heat-cool. These modes can be adjusted and altered according to the preferences of the user.

To change the conditions of your device, head to the app or use the up and down arrow buttons on the display screen. Even with these manual settings, Nest Thermostat E still does a great job of analyzing the preferences.

It automatically tracks your activity in different programmed modes and makes adjustments accordingly without bothering you, saving precious energy and money.

6. Alerts

Nest Thermostat E features a lovely interface and an interactive display to give comprehensive information about the temperature in your home. But it goes even further. Apart from a temperature gauge, the device also alerts you about any temperature changes, whether they happen in your presence or not.

It features an in-built humidistat that alerts you about the amount of humidity in the room. Just like your thermostat, Nest Thermostat E will keep you informed of the temperature change even when you’re not at home.

7. Energy history

Like most smart home appliances, Nest Thermostat E also stores all the detailed energy, temperature, climate, and other behavioral patterns in a ‘history dashboard.’ This makes it easy for you to get an overview of your recent activities and take action accordingly.

Furthermore, the energy history helps you control your energy consumption and make smart energy-saving choices to maximize the savings. You can access and view the energy history directly from the thermostat itself. And once you’re back home or at work, you can see details of your energy, heating and cooling, and any other electrical savings through the Nest app.

8. Voice Control via a Compatible Device

Nest Thermostat E can be easily controlled by voice if you’ve enabled the feature with a device that’s compatible with the thermostat. Using an Alexa or Google Home device, you can ask the voice assistant to turn on the mode or make changes in your device.

9. Build Quality

Nest Thermostat E is a robust device. It’s designed for power efficiency. It’s meant to keep you comfortable with the precise temperature that constantly updates around your schedule and constantly learns your habits. The exterior body is made of cold-rolled steel that is sturdy and durable. The rigid finish ensures that it can withstand the test of time and works efficiently for longer.

Plus, you have the added assurance of Nest’s 2-year limited warranty to back up your every need. All in all, nest thermostat E is a device that is highly durable and adds a lifetime of comfort.

10. Installation

Finding a spot for Nest thermostat E won’t be hard, or at least, not as hard as it was previously with the older models. Nest E is a lot leaner and slimmer, so the notifications for the correct spot would be of a lesser worry than before.

You need not be an expert handyman to install this device, but professional help would definitely recommend to ensure smooth working of the device from the very beginning. The install kit will come with almost everything needed to ensure the correct installation.

Complications arise when you need to drill the holes or cut through beneath your cabinets or counters. In all, you would need a professional installation for the Nest Thermostat E for it to work seamlessly.


Nest Thermostat E is a great, all-around, every-day device. It is energy efficient with energy-saving operative algorithms and is designed to ensure that your home is always at a comfortable temperature. Not just that, it also keeps track of all the information, learns from your patterns, and adjusts accordingly.

Equipped with a basic touchscreen, it provides you with the convenience and comfort you need from a home automation device. Besides, nest thermostat E is priced affordably. The devices themselves come at an affordable $120.49 to help bring you a cozy living area while also being energy-efficient, convenient, and easy to use.


Nest Thermostat E is a great gadget. It’s good for the basic functions, as well as the more complex ones. It will be a friend and a constant companion. You will get to develop a personal connection, learn its ways and figure out how much it can do.

It will surprise you by how much of a difference it can make in the way you live. The Nest is one of those devices that you want to have around to bring you comfort, convenience, and efficiency. With its powerful sensors, great interface, beautiful display, and sleek body, Nest Thermostat E is a device that is definitely worth having.

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