How To Make Your Home Smarter

Who wouldn’t love to control his/her lighting, entertainment, and coffee maker from his/her couch?

You don’t have to make the coffee by yourself or stand up to open the door when you can automate all that and do more with your time.

The primary objective of a smarter home is to be able to live comfortably, add value to your daily activities and relieve yourself of house chores. And the appropriate way to do that is by automating those activities. 

By using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or a similar protocol, you can control, automate, and optimize your network-connected appliances with the aid of a smartphone or computer.

However, rather than having an app to control every appliance, you may decide to make use of smart hubs. 

A smart hub is a device that can control most or all of the appliances through its smartphone apps or ordinary voice command. 

Now, let’s talk about those smart home devices you need to make your home smarter.

16 Smart home devices to make your home smarter

The following smart home appliances can be programmed to work together: televisions, thermostats, home monitors, door locks, cameras, lights, kitchen appliances like refrigerators, blenders, etc. And they can be controlled remotely through a smart hub installed in a smartphone, computer, or tablet. 

  1. Smart Television

With the use of Wi-Fi, TVs can function remotely, you can access your content through apps like on-demand music and video. You can also decide to program your TV so that your children can only watch at a particular time or watch particular channels or programs.

  1. Smart Thermostat 

The smart thermostat works to control a home’s ventilation, heating, and air-conditioning with the aid of an internet-connected device like a smartphone or tablet to adjust the heating settings. This helps in reducing the energy bill.

  1. Smart Lighting System

Light bulbs come with a range of features. They are easy to install and can save you money by only turning on if there is only someone in the room. There are some that change colors and can easily be controlled anywhere from your smartphone or a smart hub. Some smart lighting systems are designed to adjust according to occupant presence following a sensor indicator.

  1. Smart Locks And Garage-Door Opener 

These can enable visitors’ entrance or not. It notices when the owner of the house is around and enables the door to be opened. 

  1. Smart Security Cameras 

With these, you can monitor your home while you are away from the house. Attached to these cameras are smart motion sensors that can find out the type of individuals or animals that may come around in your absence and report any suspicion when you are back.

  1. Smart Outlet 

Smart outlet plugs are connected to the normal electrical outlets. In this case, you don’t need a smart device because, as long as these devices are plugged into the smart outlet and the smart outlet is connected to your Wi-Fi, you will be able to indirectly control your devices through an app that will enable you to put the power on and off. You can equally time the device to a specific time.  

  1. Smart Speaker 

A home can become smarter with a smart speaker.  You can control dozens of home products with your voice and virtual assistant. When you need to stream a song, all you need to do is yell at your speaker and before you know it, you are enjoying sweet rhythms.

  1. Trash Can Automation

This is the automation of trash cans whereby when you throw away trash, it monitors it and places orders for replacement.

  1. Smart Irrigation 

Houseplants and lawns can be watered through a smart irrigation system. Water is a very essential resource to keep your plants and lawns vibrant without wasting any of it. 

  1. Household System Monitor

The purpose of this is to monitor incidents such as an electric surge and turn off appliances automatically, notice water failure, or freezing pipes. It can also monitor the basement so that it does not get flooded with water by turning it off.

  1. Kitchen Appliances 

For example, smart coffee makers can brew a fresh cup automatically at a programmed time. You can also have a smart refrigerator that tells you beverages and food expiry dates, items to be bought listed out, and create recipes based on ingredients currently on hand. 

You can also have smart appliances that alternate the speed of cookers and toasters. 

  1. Smart Mattress Cover 

For a smart mattress cover, there is a technology attached to an array of sensors. The smart mattress cover has a heating system that keeps the bed at a preferred temperature, with a smart alarm in the mobile app designed carefully to wake you up appropriately according to the present time.

  1. Home Solar Power 

We are in the era of sustainable energy, therefore, going solar will help save the environment from pollution. So, if a solar panel is added to your home, it can be controlled also using an app on a smartphone.

  1. Smart Air Monitor 

To avoid the tendency of breathing dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide, an air protection monitor watches over a home for smoke and dangerous chemicals. General allergens or pollutants in a house can be monitored by smart air monitors such as the Awair air quality monitor and also advise on how to improve the quality of air.

  1. Smart Power Shutoff Switch: 

This is a way not to worry while you are away from home especially when you have appliances and electronics on. With a smart power shutoff switch, you can switch off your electric power automatically with the aid of your smartphone or similar gadgets like a tablet or computer.

  1. Smart Hubs

When you are talking about smart hubs, it is simply the ability to control all these smart devices from a device. This enables you to control all your smart appliances such as televisions, thermostats, and lights from a single device. Now, rather than having several apps for a lot of your devices, you will have one single app that can be operated from your smartphone or voice command.

While trying to select a smart hub, carry out research to find out the hub that goes with your existing devices and pre-existing services such as streaming music accounts otherwise you could be locked in. 

So, look for the one with a reliable brand.

Come to think of it, these hubs are relatively simple to install and fairly cheap, and possess an array of fascinating features. However, always be current with every new information about this device, as tech companies regularly improve their developmental effort about smart hubs devices.

Now, with everything running through your hub, being in charge of your efficient and smarter home will be a cruise. 

How Smart Home Works 

Nowadays, newly built homes are designed and constructed with smart home infrastructure in place. While older homes can be readjusted to fit smart technologies.

Many smart homes still run on x10 or Insteon, while Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have grown in popularity.

A smart home cannot be considered as a collection of smart devices and appliances, rather, one that works to create a network of remotely controlled internet systems. 

There is a control system that is centrally known as a smart home hub that all devices are connected to. It is also known as a smart home automation controller.

In a simple smart home scenario, events can be timed and triggered. 

Time events are based on a clock e.g. switching on or off at a particular time while triggered events depend on actions in the automated system, e.g. door unlocking when the owner (smartphone) is approaching the door.

Whether you are at home or not, the smarter home will alert you to what is going on, this would inform your decision to build a security system that can help in an emergency. And with smarter home security, you can look after your little one from anywhere among other things. 

Wrap up

A smarter home can be set up with the aid of internet connectivity. It makes it convenient for homeowners to control remotely his/her home appliances comfortably at a finger touch on a smartphone or a tablet. It also reduces the bill to be paid on energy on such items as a thermostat.

As we count on the successes of smartphone and tablet computers, it is now possible for everyone to operate remotely with it to control a whole lot of things. 

Thus, the phrase Internet of Things(IoT). This refers to products and tools that are interconnected or configured together thereby making them easily recognized through digital networks.

Above all, if you have made up your mind on how to make your home smarter, consider the technical know-how on how it works so that, in an emergency, you will know what to do. The benefit of a smarter home is huge in the area of security, schedule, value for money, and general overall life comfortability. 

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