Are You Wondering How To View Wyze Cam on PC

As of right now, there is no current inference or desktop application to view your Wyze Cam on your computer. The Wyze Cam can only be viewed on the mobile app of your iOS or Android device. But they are currently discussing this within their development team.

This could be a main reason for your purchase, and if so, you may want to return it. We have not heard of a definite timeframe as to if they are working on it. However, there are other options! Keep reading!

If you’d like this feature..

If this is a feature that you would like to be implemented for your convenience, I would strongly recommend that you contact the Wyze support to let them know that you would like this feature added. The more demand that they see to be able to view your cam on your PC, the more they will be apt to build this feature.

Other Options

Furthermore, while you may not be able to view your camera on your computer, you can still use the mobile app on your smart device. If you have a tablet, that works great! You can find the Wyze app in the Google Play Store or the App store. Both of those stores have a free app with the Wyze Icon:

Wyze Icon in iOS store and Google Play Store
Wyze Icon

Amazon Show is a great option!

The amazon show is a great option for this. It’s basically a stationary tablet (smart screen) that has the android OS that is capable of the Wyze app. You can set it up to never shut off and to keep your Wyze app open viewing your camera. You can also control all of your smart devices with this same smart screen!

In conclusion, you can’t currently view your cam on your computer. However, there are other options that you can use, like the app. You could always purchase a cheap tablet or Amazon Show.

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